Murr's Hobby Slip Cast Ceramics
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NewTheme Competition

   Starting Monday the 22nd April and winner announced Saturday 29th June, 2019 at Murrs at Morning Tea.
To enter the cost will be $2.00 (to be donated to Alara).
Theme—Magazine Project. (Rules attached)
Must be from Slip Cast Ceramics molds.
Judge will be Janelle. Pieces into be Judged on Saturday 22th June only. (Judges decisions will be final)
Ist Prize will be $25.00 Voucher from Murrs
2nd Prize will be $10.00 Voucher from Murrs
3rd Prize will be $5.00 Voucher from Murrs
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Regards Di Murr.


(altering the original appearance of greenware piece by)

Cut Outs: areas of clay removed – shapes, flowers, piercing etc.

Claylifting: raising the surface of the piece to form a design.

Incising: carving and bevelling to form a three dimensional pattern Chemically

Textured: the use of acid products to ware away a background or create a textured surface Decoration: the
addition of decoration such as, dipped fabric flowers, cloth and stripping (lace draping). Shaping and
forming of flowers and/or patterns. This includes all forms of sprigging or adding hand built form.

Combination: using at least two pieces to create a new piece Handicraft: the addition of non-ceramics
mediums up to 1/3 of piece (eg. lamp, clock or music box fitting). Piece can be finished in any medium.

( Judges decisions will be final)

Clay Carve
​Hi Folks we have a clay Carve class on the Sunday 28th April 2019.
Cost $25.00  
Start time 9.30am
Leather Hard Greenware to be order and paid for a week in advance.

Beginners Bonsai class with Joseph and Jeni on 05 May 2019.

Cost $80.00 includes, all you need to go home with a small
 bonsai plant in a pot.

Full payment is required to book your place as there are only 6 seats available for this class. Start time 9.30am.
New class dates to be advised.


This pot was created by Joseph from a ceramic vase.