Murr's Hobby Slip Cast Ceramics
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Looking for something different for your Hens night / Birthday partys or just spend a couple of hours with friends and family enjoying the time together, why not try ceramics. We can help you make your time special and fun. We can also cater or you can bring your own food and drinks. Seating for 17.

(Contact to discuss class options that would suit you)


Group Acrylic Paint Class

Up to 2 hours

Bisqueware to the Value of $3.50 plus paint included in fee.

(Additional cost for bisqueware over this price plus paint)

Coil Bowl and Pinch Pots 
Up to 2 Hours


First Firing

Group Firing Paint Class

Up to 2 Hours


Bisqueware up to the Value of $11.00,
Paint, Glazing, Firing.
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